Friday Five – JT

We’re kicking off Culturepoppe with a weekly feature highlighting the five pop culture happenings we’re each most excited about. We are LITERALLY (thanks, Chris Traeger) planning your pop culture week. You’re welcome.

JT’s Friday Five


Here’s how it usually works: Boy sees trailer for new romantic comedy. Boy is infatuated, hoping that, where so many have failed before, this will be the one to capture his heart. Boy sees romantic comedy, which sucks. Boy loses faith. Boy rinses, repeats. But then along came Crazy Stupid Love. Emma Stone, check. Ryan Gosling, check. Steve Carell, check. Julianne “Where’s Her Damn Oscar, Already?” Moore, check.  Intelligent script with heart, check. Boy’s faith in romantic comedy restored…(Boy also really wants Ryan Gosling’s wardrobe.)


Yes, there was a gigantic, collective “Seriously??” when word came down that Superman was being rebooted yet. again. One look at The Tudors’ Cavill as the Man of Steel should soothe the most acute fears. Who knew the Duke of Suffolk could rock a giant “S?” Zack Snyder, that’s who.


Being the pop culture junkie that I am, there was no way I was letting a mega-blockbuster novel like Kathryn Stockett’s The Help slip through my grubby little page turners. The book is stellar, of course, and Stockett tapped her childhood friend from Jackson, Miss. to direct. And the cast is packed with talent – Emma Stone (twice in one post – yes, I officially love Emma Stone), Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sissy Spacek, Allison Janney. Please let this be good, please let this be good…


Striking a welcome balance between the hip-hop flavored vibe of Nothing Left to Lose and the more refined Chris Martin goes epic-folk feel of City of Black and White, the Nashville-based singer/songwriter’s third proper LP is a winner. Check out the bouncy first single “Hey Mama,” the wall of sound that is “Sooner or Later” and “Rochester,” the touching ode to Kearney’s father that closes out the album.


Every summer vacation needs a nice, juicy, fat novel, and I’ve found mine in Justin Cronin’s The Passage. Originally out last summer, and now in paperback, it’s a serious literary piece of fiction, it’s an apocalyptic tale, it’s got vampires – but make no mistake, it’s no Twilight. I’m hitting the beach in a few weeks but I really don’t think I can wait. I want to be deep into this doorstopper before my feet hit the sand.


JT Landry has been in a torrid affair with pop culture ever since his parents first sat him down in front of Mary Poppins as a tyke. A movie buff, a music lover, a voracious reader and an evangelist forCommunity- Go Human Beings! – and other marvels of storytelling, JT can be found on Twitter and FacebookRead more posts from JT.

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