The Highs and (virtually no) Lows of MTV’s Video Music Awards

I have a high tolerance for dirty pop – in fact, I could probably watch the entirety of the VMAs with minimal eye-rolling. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the use of my DVR’s fast-forward function to skip the parts that will induce my gag reflex. But instead of focusing on those, let’s celebrate the brighter moments of the evening – in no particular order:

The Highs…

1. The Britney tribute – Let’s just get this out there. Girl is having a moment. I wouldn’t call it a full-blown comeback, but it’s a definite moment. Not only did she look smokin’, I thought MTV did a great job of keeping the tribute short and sweet, all while highlighting her greatest videos/VMA appearances. You have to admit; Brit-Brit’s had some of the most memorable videos of the past decade. No? Is that just me? (Also, am I the only one that forgets “…Baby, One More Time” and “Oops!…I Did it Again” aren’t the same song? At the very least, can we all agree that she’s talking about the same thing?)

2. Beyoncé –My sister-in-law, Jamie, and I had the enormous pleasure of seeing B perform “1+1” live at the American Idol finale this year. We stood in the balcony of the Nokia Theater, absolutely transfixed by the incredibly emotional performance – and it wasn’t the first or last time we shed tears that night. All of that to say that I wasn’t surprised by her kick-ass performance – or even by the baby bump (thanks a lot, Twitter!) But the look on Jay-Z’s face when she revealed her tummy post-performance – such a sweet moment! (Side note: Jay-Z recorded a video of Beyoncé’s dressing room rehearsal prior to the Idol performance and posted on his blog. I can’t even…)

3. Adele – So many good things about this classy lady.

  • Didn’t she kind of look like she wasn’t getting Gaga’s whole opening performance? Love her for that.
  • I thought it was such a testament to her vocals and quality of performance that the cameras stayed on her during the entire performance. Everyone else was treated to crowd reaction shots, but I choose to believe that the cameramen were as mesmerized by her as we were!
  • I loved it that when cameras caught her singing along to Beyoncé’s “Love on Top” she was embarrassed! Honest moments like that (and Jay-Z’s proud papa dance) are rare at events like these. (Flashback to Brendan Fraser’s crazy clap at the 2010 Golden Globes, anyone?)

4. Russell Brand – Do other people love Russell Brand as much as I do? I even liked Get Him to the Greek, so I imagine I’m somewhat in the minority here. Not only was his tribute to Amy Winehouse so (seemingly) off-the-cuff and sincere – the way that he couldn’t hold back his tears when Katy won Video of the Year completely owned me.

5. Chris Brown – Not much here other than this. The dancing. Oh my gosh, the dancing. I wonder if he’d be willing to give me a lesson.

Honorable Mentions…

Artist-on-artist love – Didn’t it seem like everyone was kind of digging each other more than they usually do?
Taylor Lautner – Without Rob Pattinson’s general sparkly-ness and Kristen Stewart’s social awkwardness to overshadow this teen wolf, Tay-Tay took home the award for “Underage Hottie of the Night”.
Bruno Mars cover of Valerie – It certainly isn’t the most recognizable Amy Winehouse song, but I thought it suited Bruno Mars perfectly. (PS – I’d catch a grenade for him.)
No host – I love Chelsea Handler as much as the next person, but I thought the whole she-bang was better without a host.

And a few Lows…

1. Justin Beiber/The Beibster – MTV, it was mighty clever of you to have Selena Gomez interview her boyfriend during the pre-show. She’s adorbs and I loved that she tried to keep it super professional and all, but I’m going to need her to move along now. I hate that JB’s trying to maintain a (false) squeaky clean image (thanking God AND Jesus – did you forget about the Holy Spirit, Beibs?), but says out loud that his pet snake’s name is Johnson. Grody, JB. Grody. (I DID think it was cute that Selena either didn’t catch the joke or even get it at all.)

2. Ga-ga (as pronounced by one, James Fallon) – I’m just so over it. There’s no denying that the lady (er, man?) has a major voice and that her songs are SUPER catchy. But, the whole gimmicky thing is basically just annoying me.

What did you think were the highs and lows of this year’s ceremony? Did you like the no host situation – or do you think they should have asked Chelsea back? Leave a comment letting us know what you thought!

3 thoughts on “The Highs and (virtually no) Lows of MTV’s Video Music Awards

  1. I felt like we watched it together since we are clearly on the same page. I thought the fashion was the only lowlight. Particularly how Jessie James (who sang Firework better than Katy does) incorporated a broken foot into the oddest ensembles.

    I owe you money for that Jay-Z link to the dressing room performance of 1+1. Buttuh.

    • Yeah, but honestly? I was thinking while watching that if I were attending the VMAs, I’d probs go casual and wear jeans or something.

      I’ve watched it like, 15 times. Obsessed.

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