What’s New, Pussycat?

Unless you’ve been living under the giant block of cheese that Katy Perry was wearing at Sunday night’s VMAs, you know that Tuesday is a high holy day in pop culture. That’s right – New Release Day, when all of the shiny new books, music and Blu-rays appear to distract us from our ever-growing inboxes. Thusly, we here at CulturePoppe bring you – drumroll please – “What’s New, Pussycat Tuesdays.” You can check back here every Tuesday for a rundown of the day’s most important new releases – at least the ones we think are important. We certainly wouldn’t waste your time with anything we wouldn’t waste our own time with, now would we? No. We wouldn’t. You’re welcome.


David Guetta, Nothing But The Beat

You know, I’d love to say that I wouldn’t touch this piece of catchy, energizing Eurodance business with the 10-foot ladder it would take to hang a disco ball from my living room ceiling, but I’m really happy with the current modest length of my nose. The bare ugly fact though is that this has a one-way express ticket to my workout playlist. If you see me do an extra few reps this week, you’ll know it’s because David and Nicki Minaj are like the devil and the angel in my ears asking “Where Them Girls At?”

Lil’ Wayne, Tha Carter IV

Nothing can stop Weezy. I mean, the man was churning out hit rhymes even behind bars. His fourth entry in Tha Carter series is sure to follow the giant blockbuster steps of its predecessors. Look for a massive first week sales number, helped in part by his suprisingly pretty and moving single, “How to Love.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers, I’m With You

The Peppers are back with their first studio album since 2006’s double disc Stadium Arcadium, which won them the Grammy for Best Rock Album. It’s produced by Rick Rubin (seriously, between Dixie Chicks, Josh Groban, Adele, etc., is there any act this guy can’t successfully produce?) and is led by lead single “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.”


Good Will Hunting (2007)

OMG, you guys, does this take you back or what? Love it or hate it, this is the film that unleashed Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on an unsuspecting world. That is not a bad thing, by the way. Damon has turned out to be one of our most enduring and durable actors – an excellent character actor, even – and Affleck is blossoming into a fantastic director in his own right. This is also the movie that brought Oscar unto Robin Williams. 14 years later, is it still deserved? Maybe, maybe not. What about Damon and Affleck’s screenplay Oscar? Your answer is yes.

From the Mind of the Coen Brothers

Are we loving the cover art, or are we loving the cover art? You could go down many a worse path than this collection that brings together some of the best Coen Brothers output – Miller’s Crossing, Raising Arizona, Blood Simple and Fargo.

TV Season Catch-up

Let me tell you right now, you’re going to be feeling a lot of Cougar Town love on this blog. It struggled to find its footing in the first half of its first season, but since then it’s been smooth sailing and has turned into one of the smartest and most engaging comedies out there – and grossly underrated and dismissed because of its admittedly lame title. In addition to this Season Two release, you can also catch up on the latest seasons of Sons of Anarchy, House, M.D. and Desperate Housewives – or not.


JT Landry has been in a torrid affair with pop culture ever since his parents first sat him down in front of Mary Poppins as a tyke. A movie buff, a music lover, a voracious reader and an evangelist forCommunity- Go Human Beings! – and other marvels of storytelling, JT can be found on Twitter and Facebook.Read more posts from JT.

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