MVP of the Week!

Jessica Chastain
Our inaugural MVP Award goes to the luminous Jessica Chastain. I defy you to find a person who had heard of Jessica Chastain before 2011. By the end of the year, I will defy you to find a person who hasn’t heard of Jessica Chastain. With three memorable roles already this summer – a mother exuding quiet grace in Terrance Malick’s Tree of Life, the endearing, naive Celia Foote in The Help and a Mossad agent in 1960s East Berlin in The Debt  – Chastain has made an indelible mark on cinemagoers already. And she has three more films coming before year’s end. When it rains it pours – thank goodnes. Chastain is a capital A Actor – those three roles prove she can pretty much do anything. Whens she’s on screen, her warm presence and conviction fill the frame, and it’s a true joy to watch. Don’t be surprised when her name is called at awards nominations this winter. At any rate, she’s a winner for us. Jessica Chastain, you are our CulturePoppe MVP of the Week – hell, the summer for that matter.



JT Landry has been in a torrid affair with pop culture ever since his parents first sat him down in front of Mary Poppins as a tyke. A movie buff, a music lover, a voracious reader and an evangelist forCommunity- Go Human Beings! – and other marvels of storytelling, JT can be found on Twitter and FacebookRead more posts from JT.

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