What’s New, Pussycat?

We hope you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. We’re pretty excited here at CulturePoppe because the passing of Labor Day means the passing of summer means the beginning of fall. And we are steeled for the onslaught of new music, books and movies that will be falling into our laps in the coming months. Here’s some of what’s new this week.


Well, who knew? Turns out our esteemed and crazed Dr. House is a bluesman. Laurie’s debut album is a tribute to New Orleans blues, with Laurie front and center on vocals and piano. There’s collaborations with New Orleans music legend Irma Thomas and Sir Tom Jones; and NOLA music legend Allen Toussaint brings the horn arrangements.


Chad Harbach’s fiction debut hits this week on the tails of tons of buzz. The novel tells the tale of Westish College baseball star Henry Skrimshander and the intertwining lives of his college’s president, the president’s daughter, Henry’s gay roommate and his team captain. The baseball-set story is a great way to get in the mood for the final weeks leading up to the World Series.


Saoirse Ronan – so memorable in her Oscar-nominated turn as Briony in Atonement and one of the only bright spots of the otherwise mess that was The Lovely Bones – reteams with her Atonement director Joe Wright for this violent modern fairytale about a mysterious child assassin on the run. Cate Blanchett is her usual mesmerizing and wonderful self as a witchy government agent.


Fox’s critically acclaimed, excellent and sadly underviewed sci-fi series is moving to Fridays this fall, where it will hopefully attract a broader audience against less competition. In the meantime, you can get caught up on all the parallel universe action with the release of Season 3. The set comes with commentaries on four episodes, behind the scenes goodies and a gag reel.


JT Landry has been in a torrid affair with pop culture ever since his parents first sat him down in front of Mary Poppins as a tyke. A movie buff, a music lover, a voracious reader and an evangelist forCommunity- Go Human Beings! – and other marvels of storytelling, JT can be found on Twitter and FacebookRead more posts from JT.

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