MVP of the Week

You guys, I searched high and low to come up with this week’s weener of our illustrious little award. I tried to recall who or what captivated my attention this week – and not much stood out. Except for this little gem:

I think it’s pretty clear where I stand on the whole television thing. In case it’s not, here’s a quick refresher – I. LOVE. TELEVISION.

Anyway. I look forward to this issue of Entertainment Weekly every year as the summer winds down. It doesn’t matter that at this point in the year I’ve already read plenty about the new shows making their debut in the Fall, because this “special double issue” also serves as a handy scheduling device! I always map out my DVR schedule and print a calendar of premiere dates, but this year I decided to do things a little differently. Instead of opening up iCal and plugging in all 85 new shows I’m planning to watch (I keed, I keed), I opted for this instead:

Yep. I ripped out the handy-dandy calendar that EW provided and highlighted all of the shows I’m planning to watch/record. Then I taped it to the side of my dresser (real classy-like), right underneath my television and left a pen there to check off a show when the recording has been set. Sound neurotic? Please tell me that I’m not the only crazy person out there doing something like this. Oh, I am? That’s cool.

Also? It’s worth mentioning that I would really appreciate you not maximizing this image in order to see which shows I plan on watching. While I do enjoy quality programming (Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, The Good Wife), I also don’t discriminate against the CW. So what, who cares?

We’ll be previewing the upcoming television season in the next week or so, but for now tell us what shows you’re really looking forward to!


 Haley Bragg loves, reading, writing and arithmetic-ing. Except for that last bit about math. She is a leading actress in the movies that play inside of her head, but you wouldn’t have seen those. You can follow her on Twitter or be her friend on Facebook, and sending her money would definitely put you on the fast track to best friendship. Read more posts from Haley.

8 thoughts on “MVP of the Week

  1. I have 18 magazine subscriptions. That sentence implies I may also have some other issues. When asked what are must-haves – only EW makes the cut. I wholeheartedly agree about this issue being such a delight. However, I thought I’d be pushing it to highlight, post-it flag, and hang it, but now I’ve received your permission…so I will.

    I watched the pilot of New Girl on iTunes yesterday and look forward to it getting even better. As for other new shows, I’m crossing my fingers for Up All Night (Will Arnett), Person of Interest (JJ Abrams/Michael Emerson), Once Upon A Time (creepy fun fairytale), and Suburgatory.(indulgence).

    • 18! Holy Smokes! I have 3 and those feel taxing! But you know, I have important work to do that consists of watching approximately 94 hours of television a day. You didn’t know that was possible? Now ya do!

      Those are all shows that I highlighted – but I think that Once Upon A Time may turn out to be something really special. (I couldn’t figure out a way to make that sound less cheesy. My apologies.)

  2. EW is like the bible of entertainment. Haley makes me feel normal when I tell her I make a spread sheet every fall for all the tv I’m scheduling myself to watch. I’m really excited about New Girl! I watched it last night as well and am going to write a snap judgment blurb later today. I have high hopes for it!

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