Mid-Monday Pick-Me-Up

I don’t know about you guys, but this time last Monday I was bundled up on a couch with some friends eating pizza and honey mustard and watching a movie on a rainy Labor Day holiday. This Monday isn’t quite as fun so you know what that means! It’s time for the Mid-Monday pick-me-up! And you know what? Things are about to get real.

It’s no secret that I detest CBS sitcoms. I mean, I think they should stop production on them right now and burn anything they’ve filmed for this season so far. They’re horrible, in my opinion, and I hate everything about them. Yeah, I told you things were about to get real.

I feel like I have the right to express my (correct) opinion because I have watched the entire first season of How I Met Your Mother, I’ve watched enough episodes of The Big Bang Theory and I’ve accidentally left my tv on a random channel for a few minutes when a rerun of Two and a Half Men started to come on. So, yeah. I’m kind of an expert on situational comedies.

One of my biggest qualms with these shows is the acting. I know, I know. Neil Patrick Harris can do no wrong, right? Wrong. (He’s one of the biggest culprits) It’s just so… forced. When any of the actors delivers a punch-line, it’s the most unrealistic awkward thing for me to watch. I mean, just admit it. Alyson Hannigan can’t deliver a line and Jim Parsons grates on your nerves with every word he speaks, right? Right! I knew you’d come around.

But, don’t get me started on the laugh tracks. They’re the biggest reasons I hate these shows. They’re way overused and I hate when the actor has to wait for the “laughter” to die down before delivering a follow-up line. Who does that? If you don’t agree with me now, just watch the clips below. Just to see how these shows held up without a laugh track telling you when to laugh, someone took the track out of scenes from several sitcoms – not just CBS sitcoms – and either left it silent or added some awesome tuba music in the background. Watch these and see if you still laugh.. or just laugh at how awkward it is. That’s what I did.



Hilarious, am I right? Gah, that tuba playing in the Two and a Half Men scene is genius. It should be their theme song.


Molly Gentry is from Nashville, TN and has had a love of pop culture (mainly boy bands and Britney Spears) since her middle school days.  A lover of anything Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey related and a nap enthusiast, you can find her on Twitter and FacebookRead more posts from Molly.

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