Snap Judgement: Pan Am

Much has been said about the fact that this new season of television includes not one, but two Mad Men copycat shows – The Playboy Club and Pan Am. Much has also been said (mostly from parties involved with said shows) about how they are not copycats, the only similarities being the time period they are set in. I don’t really have a dog in this fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s the exact same show as Mad Men, Parks and Recreation or iCarly. If it looks halfway decent, I’m going to watch it. My standards are not high.

Having said that, I do read a lot about which new shows actually sound promising and which won’t last very long. So, going into it I knew that my best bet was Pan Am. But guys, you know me. I totally watched both. I don’t discriminate. And yes, The Playboy Club is definitely trying to be Mad MenPan Am, however, is absolutely not.

I’m only one episode in, but I’m officially hooked. I can’t tell you exactly what won me over, but I think it’s some combination of the clothes, the sassy female characters (I mean, what isn’t Christina Ricci great in?) or the romance of what air travel used to be. Ladies, I should also mention this: Michael Mosley and Mike Vogel.

Without knowing much about it, it would seem that Pan Am couldn’t have much substance – but it’s actually the opposite that’s true. I won’t get all spoilery-y, but let’s just say that in the first episode there was a rescue mission at the Bay of Pigs. You weren’t expecting that, right?

Verdict: This show gets a season pass from me – which isn’t a difficult accomplishment, but trust me on this one. If you’re looking for something to add to your Sunday night TV lineup, look no further!

8 thoughts on “Snap Judgement: Pan Am

  1. I’m going to have to watch this again. I thought I’d love it, but I found myself getting distracted most of the time! Will I keep watching? Of course! But it’s going to have to grow on me a bit. And I love Christina Ricci too but I thought she was underused in the pilot.

    • I agree about Christina Ricci. I hope they bring her into the fold a little bit more as the season progresses – I’ve never really liked Kelli Garner, so I have a hard time with her being a lead.

  2. I watched and I was underwhelmed. I think my expectations were too high. Overall, I liked it and will watch it again. I’m hoping it will only get better.

    Playboy Club = disaster.

  3. I thought it was fantastic. And I had just finished 18 hours in airports and airplanes.

    However, I always feel wonky because of the lack of diversity in shows like this (and Mad Men). I can’t tell if I’m mad at the shows or the history of our country….

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