snap judgment: hart of dixie

What up, WB CW? It looks like you’re making quite the comeback on my DVR season pass list this year. What’s that about? We’ve got Ringer (for now), The Secret Circle and now Hart of Dixie? Well done! I’ve missed my soapy, teen-angsty stories and these three shows all have at least one of those elements. For that I am grateful.

But let’s get to it. Last night was the premiere of Hart of Dixie. We’ve got unwed pregnant gals, Tay Tay Swift and Darius Rucker music playing in the background, mothers who don’t care about their children, Carrie Underwood and Crimson Tide references.. we’re in the south, y’all! The SOUTH! Who’s excited?

It was Rachel Bilson’s much hyped return to TV since the end of The OC and she’s just as awkward as I remember. Is it me, or does she sometimes not know what to do with her hands, or entire body for that matter, when she’s acting? She’s just.. awkward. That’s the only way to describe it. But I still like her.

Rachel plays Zoe Hart, a Type A New York doctor who doesn’t have very good bedside manner and is banished to the south – more specifically, Blue Bell, Alabama – to work on said bedside manner. She needs to get to know her patients better, you guys. Duh. If I learned anything from Dr. John Dorian it was to always go the extra mile and become your patient’s BFF. That’s what makes him such a special doctor.

A big fish in a small pond story, a New York doctor who moves to a small town to work as a General Practitioner- heeeeeeeeeyyy, I’ve heard this story before and it was called Everwood! Ahh, Everwood. One of the last great WB shows. That’s what Hart of Dixie was claiming to be: a show more in the style of Everwood, Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, etc. And it is, more or less. It certainly looks like those shows. It’s all about some sepia tone cinematography and I like it. I can see the potential, but Bilson really needs to work on being comfortable playing a doctor. There was one scene where all she had to do was use a stethoscope and give 6 a shot and she looked so out of place. Like she had never even laid eyes on either tool.

Oh, yes. Scott Porter is on this show. How I didn’t know this before tuning in is beyond me, but it made it all that more pleasant when I saw his face. Hellooooo, 6. I’m glad you’re back on my TV. Reason enough to keep watching? Absolutely, yes. He and Bilson were fun together, but before we get our hopes up – he’s engaged! To Jamie King! (Not in real life, of course. Her character) The snotty local Southern Belle who instantly hates Dr. Hart. Love triangle: check!

I’ll be giving Hart of Dixie another shot. I didn’t hate it, by any means, I just hope it delivers what’s been promised. Who else watched the premiere? What were your thoughts? Am I alone in how uncomfortable Rachel Bilson makes me feel sometimes?


4 thoughts on “snap judgment: hart of dixie

  1. I’m all about some Alabama and I think Bilson is the bee’s knees. Throw in Scott Porter, who I think of as Blake from The Good Wife and it’s married to the DVR.

    • All of these thoughts are really good. Except I’m disturbed that you don’t know Scott Porter as 6/Jason Street. Are you not a Friday Night Lights fan? And if not, what do I have to do to make this happen?

    • I like Bilson too, but you’ve got to admit she’s not the strongest actress out there. She can deliver a good one-liner every now and then, though. And yes, you need to get to know Scott Porter as his FNL alter-ego.

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