Snap Judgement: Suburgatory

My hometown of Madison, Mississippi is a great little city (not town), located a few miles north of Jackson, the state’s capital. It boasts the first all-brick Wal-Mart, strictly enforces a sign ordinance and in 2007 was voted by Family Circle as one of the nation’s “10 Best Towns for Families.” It is most assuredly a suburb – and I love it.

Madison also happens to be where I have been hanging out for the past two weeks. Family visits, Mississippi State football games and other various events have kept me here longer than I originally intended. Last night at dinner, my brother asked me when I planned to return to Nashville and I gave him a vague answer suggesting sometime between now and several days from now. He responded with a comment about my state of limbo – telling me that I was in purgatory. I really wish I had responded like this: “No dear brother, I think what they call this is suburgatory.”

Suburgatory was written and created by Emily Kapnek, who is also a consulting producer on Parks and Recreation. Isn’t that all you really need to know? Oh, you want me to go on? Well, personally I think that should be all the information that you need, but whatevs. Here are five other reasons that I liked Suburgatory and think you will too:

1. It made me LOL. This isn’t an easy thing to do. Even when I find things amusing on TV, I usually just CTM (chuckle to myself). Something has to be really funny to make me laugh out loud.

2. Cheryl Hines, Rex Lee, Chris Parnell. These actors have been on three of the most acclaimed comedies in the past few years (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, 30 Rock). I actually don’t remember seeing Parnell in last night’s episode, but I’m excited to see what these three – plus the great Ana Gasteyer – will bring to the table.

3. Jeremy Sisto. Maybe this is a “For Ladies Only” reason, because of the dreaminess. Regardless, I’ve always been a fan and never really cared for the way that Joey Potter carelessly tossed him aside for Pacey. (Just kidding, Joey + Pacey = 4ever.)

4. A sassy young female lead. Ever since Juno, this type of girl is our new American hero. And television has seen no shortage of them in the past few years. Max on Two Broke Girls, Jenna on Awkward, Amber on Parenthood. I like them all and sort of want to be them.

5. Heart. For all of its satire and Mean Girls-esque examination of the suburbs, the episode doesn’t end without a few heartwarming moments.

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