What’s New, Pussycat?

Yeah. You like that graphic, don’t you? Tom Jones in all his glory. He’s just really glad it’s Tuesday because that’s when new releases come out and he just wants the world to know. Oh, and that text? That custom designed typeface? It was added on top of the photo because that’s what three and a half years of design school will buy you. You heard me! Maybe if you’re lucky enough we’ll print an 11×17 of this photo and laminate it and send it to you. Maybe. If you’re lucky and ask nicely.

Anyway, Tom is begging the question “What’s new?” so let’s answer it, shall we? There’s really only one thing that deserves today’s new release attention, IMHO, and that is the Diamond Edition of The Lion King. My second favorite disney movie (first is The Little Mermaid, duh. But this is a very close second) and what’s not to like? I saw it in theaters last week (no, not in 3D. I didn’t see it in 3D the first time so I didn’t need to this time) and it was a-MAH-zing. I don’t remember the last time I pulled out my VHS from 1994 and watched it start to finish, but I know it doesn’t compare to seeing it in theaters. I had been listening to the soundtrack all week in preparation but really, nothing can prepare you for the greatness of this movie. Tell me you don’t stop everything you’re doing when the sun starts to rise to the sound of Naaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba! Yes. I googled the lyrics because I’ve never known what they say there, and now we all do! And the simultaneous key change and rays of light peeking through the clouds right at baby Simba on top of Pride Rock?

Stop it. Just stop it. You had me at key change.

I have to say that I had forgotten how great Jeremy Irons was as Scar. I found myself thinking “He’s so mean!” watching it last week and I really dig his number “Be Prepared”. It’s pretty fantastic. Do you shudder when he screams “You won’t get a sniff without me?!” You should.

But let’s be honest with each other and ourselves and just go ahead and talk about how “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” is really the best song of the bunch.

Awww, look! They formed a heart. Subtle. And I like it. The Lion King is full of key changes and the key change in this little ditty is faaaaantastic. Just listen to the back-up singers and how enthusiastic they are with their hummmmms and ba-de-das! I hope it’s as contagious for you guys as it is me. I listen to this song on repeat at work (with earbuds, of course) and just hope my office-mate thinks I’m be-bopping around to “more awesome” music than this.

Anyway, lucky for us Disney has opened their pesky vault and has given us a super, deluxe, extreme edition of The Lion King out today! Reviews of the DVD have been nothing but stellar and I can’t wait to waste a Saturday afternoon, or really an entire Saturday, watching the extras and wishing I could play with a real Lion.

In the meantime, here’s The Lion King Special Edition playlist I’ve been listening to for the past week. Share it with your friends, family and coworkers! Just be sure to listen to it at full volume all the time.

Is that not enough? Here’s some Ladysmith Black Mambazo because we all need more African music in our lives.

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