Disney is partying like it’s 1991. But where is my magic carpet ride??




In a tale as old as time (song as old as rhyme), Hollywood has unintentionally struck a gold mine and is proceeding to  return to said mine to drain that sucker dry. But this particular operation, my little CulturePoppers, is one I can firmly get behind.

Disney has racked up a surprising near $80 million in just 18 days with their 3D/2D theatrical re-release of 1994’s The Lion King – a masterpiece no matter how you shake it. What was originally supposed to be a short two-week run –really just to serve as an enormous promo for the Blu-ray release – quickly took on a life its own as we all rushed to the theater to either a.) relive our own childhoods (just sit in your seat and for an hour and a half pretend you have no bills to pay, or any knowledge of what a bill is for that matter) or b.) introduce our own children to this gem from simpler days.

Disney obviously noticed because yesterday the Mouse House announced the re-release of four more Disney movies in 3D: Beauty and the Beast in January 2012, Finding Nemo in September 2012, Monsters, Inc. in January 2013 and, last but most definitely not least, The Little Mermaid in September 2013.

Now, first let me just say that I couldn’t care less about the 3D option. The real draw here is seeing these magnificent films back on the big screen.

That being said, I’m 100 percent on board with two of these choices, and considerably less than 100 percent with the other two. Can you guess which? Be my guest.

I’ve declared publicly, and I will declare here, that Beauty and the Beast was, is, and is to be the be all-end all Disney animated film for me. It’s perfect in every way – from story to music to animation – and it’s still the only traditionally animated film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars – and that was when there were only five entries allowed, as opposed to the foolishness currently happening over at the Academy. But I digress. I’m beyond excited to see this again, in all its glory, on the big screen  (That sweeping ballroom scene!).

I will also be flippin’ my fins over to The Little Mermaid. It was way back in 1989, when The Little Mermaid initiated the 90’s Disney renaissance, leading to Beauty, The Lion King, and Aladdin. Which leads me to the question we’re all thinking: Where is Aladdin in this mix?  Are you as surprised as I am that this was not one of the first animated films they’d choose to re-release? I’d much rather a return carpet ride to the Cave of Wonders than a trip back to Monsters, Inc. – not one of Pixar’s best anyway. I haven’t exactly heard anyone clamoring for that one.  (Although Pixar must have since the sequel hits theaters in 2013…oh that’s why. Silly me. Silly Pixar.)

Surely Aladdin is on their radar. It’s a classic that deserves to be introduced to a whole new world, er generation. For that matter, let’s get Peter Pan on the schedule, too. Not you, Hercules, please remain seated.

What Disney classics do you want to see back on the big screen?

2 thoughts on “Disney is partying like it’s 1991. But where is my magic carpet ride??

  1. Oh, SO agreed! I will watch most of the ones listed in 3D (honestly, can feel okay about missing Finding Nemo) but Aladdin is a MUST…hopefully they’ll announce it soon!

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