The Scientist

I have to admit that most of my choices for this countdown have been made in the past 24 hours. I’m not so much a music video aficionado, as I am a devoted Coldplay fan. Regardless, I’m committed to this project – here’s # 7 on my list!

The Scientist – This isn’t the song that started my fling with Coldplay (that would be Yellow) or the even the one that took our relationship to the next level (pretty much the whole X&Y album) and it definitely wasn’t what made me settle down and say “til death do us part”  (thank you, Viva la Vida album). However, it’s still one of my favorite songs and it’s safe to say that this video and Chris Martin made brooding in the woods cool way before Edward Cullen ever did.


Haley Bragg loves, reading, writing and arithmetic-ing. Except for that last bit about math. She is a leading actress in the movies that play inside of her head, but you wouldn’t have seen those. You can follow her on Twitter or be her friend on Facebook, and sending her money would definitely put you on the fast track to best friendship. Read more posts from Haley.

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