Christmas Lights

We’ve done a pretty good job so far of not repeating videos, but it was an inevitability that this would happen! Molly wrote a great piece about this song yesterday, but I thought I’d add to the conversation.

One of the greatest things (to me) about seeing Coldplay live – or even in watching a good number of their videos – is how much they use light as a part of their show. Look, I get that every touring artist has a lighting director – I know this isn’t a new thing that Coldplay is doing. But I am of the opinion that they’re doing it differently and they’re doing it better than most bands out there. SO, when there is a song called Christmas Lights – well, you know I’m going to be a fan.

Some other favorites about this video:
1. The whole storybook/children’s theater vibe of the set.
2. The colors. So Christmasy, right?
3. When the camera pans back and you see all of the city lights. Sigh.
4. Also? It’s a GREAT song!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Lights

    • Wow. That’s just amazing. We’ll definitely have to find a place for this in our countdown.

      Does everyone owe everything to Knox?! He’s the connector of people, it seems.

  1. I just listened to this song for the first time. It is a-mah-zing! I love when the camera pans back, too. It’s so great. And the balloon release, too. I love a good balloon release.

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