Fix You

This is my absolute favorite Coldplay song. It just is. However, it’s getting bumped to near the bottom of my top 7 list because there just isn’t much to the video. As weird and theatrical as most of Coldplay’s videos are, it’s strange to me that this one is so.. lackluster. I would expect to be balling my eyes out after watching a video for such a sad/sweet song. Just think of the storytelling that could’ve been! But, no. We get Chris Martin walking along the highway, then realizing he’s late for a gig, takes off and makes it just in time for the big finish. I’m not complaining. I love when he starts to book it when the guitar riff comes in and that twirling light bulb deal? It’s even better live. I guess I’m just wondering what could have been. Maybe there’s some deeper meaning there that I’m just not picking up, or maybe they just didn’t have time to fulfill my dream of a Travis Tritt-like epic sob story music video. They just don’t make videos like this anymore.

My favorite part of this video is the footage from the concert. When, at the end, the audience is singing the end of the chorus and Chris Martin and Johnny Buckland have huge smiles on their faces. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have thousands of people singing a song that you wrote back to you with such enthusiasm. Must be nice.

I’ll leave you with two videos today; the music video, of course and theĀ  use of Fix You at the end of one of my favorite episodes of Scrubs. Talk about the perfect use of this song in a TV show, Scrubs always knew how to do that.

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