Strawberry Swing and Fix You

It’s Coldplay’s album release day and because of that, you get my Top 2 favorite Coldplay videos!

#2. Strawberry Swing

I get the strong feeling that Chris Martin and company are nothing but big kids at heart. In this stop motion video, Martin takes on the alter ego of a superhero. Well, either that or Rainbow Brite – I haven’t quite decided yet. Either way, the tone of this video is exactly what I would associate with Strawberry Swing. The song is one of my favorites from Viva la Vida…or Death and All His Friends – and the video takes a top spot as well.

#1. Fix You

This is the one video that I can remember watching prior to last week, so for that it had to take the number one spot. Coldplay’s fixation with light is in full force in this video – and as I’ve mentioned, that’s an automatic win for me. I understand what Molly is saying about how you would think that such an amazing song might prompt a stronger video, but I’m really content with this one. And like Molly, I agree that when Martin bursts on stage with the twirling light bulb – the video doesn’t do justice to that moment in the live show. But I think the main reason I love this video is that the action doesn’t take away from the song at all – instead it allows you to really feel and hear the lyrics and let them fix you. (Ugh, gross.)

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