Viva La Vida

You just knew the first time you heard those rich strings driving in on a 4/4 beat that this was a newly invigorated and inspired Coldplay. “Violet Hill” may have been the first single off of 2008’s Viva la Vida…or Death and All His Friends, but “Viva la Vida” itself was the sounding call and emblematic anthem for this particular Coldplay album cycle/era. It’s one of those soaring 4-minute epics for which the repeat button was expressly created. When Chris Martin starts singing about Jerusalem bells and Roman cavalry choirs (what?) and missionaries in foreign fields, you can’t help but get all caught up in his giddy rebel rousings. It’s so full of life, which is totes appropro since the title literally means “Long Live Life.” And it won the Grammy for Song of the Year, so there’s that. Viva la vida? Viva la Coldplay as long as they keep making music that makes you feel the way this makes you feel.

p.s. I really want one of the fashionably ravaged military jackets the band is sporting.


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