Fix You

We have arrived. For me, as far as songs go – and I still contend that Coldplay isn’t exactly a “video band” by any means – there is no Coldplay song I love more than “Fix You.” It overflows with emotion and has a truly wonderful arc – beginning so starkly and quietly before the guitars escalate and crash into an explosion of sound and passion; and its all held together by Chris Martin’s unmistakable vocals, ranging from a quiet huskiness to that gorgeous, flying falsetto. And it’s really become somewhat of a modern pop/rock classic, covered by a variety of artists and vocal groups.

That being said, since Molly and Haley have already covered the Coldplay end of things video wise, I thought you might enjoy something a little different – this acoustic cover of the song by Boyce Avenue and Tyler Ward, both of whom have acoustically covered a wide variety of pop, rock, R & B and hip-hop music. Their cover of “Fix You” is pretty gorgeous, I have to say. And when a song retains its integrity and beauty in a cover, you know it’s a great song. This one’s a classic.

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