Friday Five

It’s the return of the Mack. Or the Friday Five, but what’s the diff?

Red Band Trailer – First of all, I hope you know who Diablo Cody is. If you don’t, I think our relationship might be reaching its expiration date. Even if you don’t think you know her, chances are you’ve watched something that she’s written. She quickly rose to fame in 2007 when she won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for Juno. She also wrote and created the excellent Showtime comedy/drama, United States of Tara and the poorly received (but really, really funny) Jennifer’s Body. She’s got a lot of upcoming projects that look very exciting – but the one I’m most anticipating is her adaptation of the Sweet Valley High books into a feature film.

But what I’m REALLY here to talk about is her show, Red Band Trailer that she created with her husband, Dan Maurio. Using the term for movie trailers that are only approved for mature or restricted audiences, this video series features Cody conducting interviews with celebrity guests in an Airstream trailer. They’re great because they seem less formal than something you’d see on network television and often the guests are more relaxed. Well, except for Zooey Deschanel, but does she EVER seem comfortable in an interview?

Season 2 of Red Band Trailer kicked off a few weeks ago – you can find it here. But don’t go looking for Season 1, because apparently the Internet has swallowed it whole.

The Walking Dead – Okay, okay. I’m in on this. I know that everyone else has been here for a while and I’m super late to the party – but it’s okay because guys, I’M SO HERE. If you don’t know, Netflix is streaming the first season of The Walking Dead and there are only six episodes. Sooooooo, basically you can knock it out on a Sunday afternoon. Now, there might be some things that are preventing you from watching this show. It IS about zombies and there ARE some really gross moments, but I’ve never really been scared by it. Also, it totally reminds me of LOST. I won’t go into how so, but if you were a fan of that show please give this one a try.

Celeb Audition tapes – Do you guys read Flavorwire? My good pal, Jen Clapp smartly opened my eyes to it. I think she linked me to a post about popular 90’s television shows that were actually really bad (she knows me so well!) and I instantly added it to my Google Reader subscriptions. I find out about a lot of my Friday Five contributions through Flavorwire – including this little gem: 15 Hilarious Celebrity Audition Tapes. You should definitely click through here and watch some of these. I strongly suggest staying away from the Charlyne Yi audition for SNL, because whoa. It. Is. Awkward. But Lea Michele’s Glee audition is not to be missed. The video only confirms what I already believed – she won the role of Rachel Berry because she IS Rachel Berry.

ALSO: Television’s Most Memorable Living Rooms (This is exactly the kind of post that I love!)

Sally Draper as a Child Star Psychologist – Sally is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on Mad Men, mostly because she also can’t stand her mother, Betty Draper Francis (aka January Jones.) The last season of Mad Men proved that Kiernan Shipka is becoming quite the actress – and this video proves that she’s able to have a little fun at Sally’s expense.

When Harry left Hogwarts – This is a teaser for a documentary feature on the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, that includes behind-the-scenes footage and a closer look at the feelings of the cast and crew of the most successful film franchise in history. I’ll admit that when I watched this I got a little weepy thinking about how I’ll never see these characters on the big screen again. Luckily, my yearly reading of the series is coming up soon!



Haley Bragg loves, reading, writing and arithmetic-ing. Except for that last bit about math. She is a leading actress in the movies that play inside of her head, but you wouldn’t have seen those. You can follow her on Twitter or be her friend on Facebook, and sending her money would definitely put you on the fast track to best friendship. Read more posts from Haley.


4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. I did this mostly for you. 🙂

    Also, I don’t agree with most of their choices! Friends, Mad About You, Wings, HEY DUDE! Well, okay – maybe that one. 🙂

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