Thanksgiving Marathon round-up

If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained tomorrow while you’re lying on the couch in a food coma, look no further. Here is a list of Thanksgiving eve, day and days after marathons to keep you planted on your couch all the way to Sunday! There are several lists out there that are quite detailed, but I’ve compiled a list of what I’m most looking forward to saving up on the DVR. All times are Central Standard time.

Thanksgiving Eve:

Friends – Nickelodeon

Like JT mentioned in his Friday Five, nobody did a Thanksgiving episode quite like our dear Friends. I’ve been quoting that hilarious scene from The One Where Ross Got High in my head for the past two weeks. It’s just perfect. But I digress. Nickelodeon is starting from the very beginning of the series starting tonight at 9/8c until 4 30 am Thursday. Hooray! Get ready to laugh like it’s 1994, but just remember not to put beef in the trifle.

Extreme Couponing – TLC

I’ve actually never seen this show, so what better way to get addicted than with a marathon, amIright? I’m always amazed at hearing how much people can save using coupons. (Recently a friend of mine actually got paid to shop at wal-mart because she had such good coupons). I need some tips. The couponing frenzy begins at 2pm today!

Thanksgiving Day

Star Trek: The Next Generation – BBC America

What? No one can resist Jean Luc Picard. NO ONE. Resistance is futile beginning at 7 am.

How It’s Made – Science

Ok. I admit my Thanksgiving Day is looking really nerdy pairing this with TNG, but everyone likes to learn, right? See how “the workers” make things starting at 8 am.

Brothers & Sisters – SOAPnet

Remember when Brothers & Sisters was a really great show and we had a Tom Skerritt/Sally Field/Steel Magnolias reunion in the pilot episode? Yeah, me too. I miss those days. So, grab your biggest red wine glass and start drinking with the Walkers at 4pm.

Black Friday

Project Runway – Style Network

FIERCE! Hot Mess! Hot TRANNY Mess! Catchphrase, catchphrase, catchphrase! That’s what Christian Siriano provided us with ad nauseum during his season of PR which will be strutting down the runway again starting at 7am.

The Glee Project – Oxygen

This show is fantastic no matter what you think of Glee. It gives me a whole new appreciation and respect for Ryan Murphy – and a bit of a crush, I have to admit. He has this intimidating confidence about him and he wears great hats. Bonus! Plus, you get to see how our favorite leprechaun made it all the way to the end. (I didn’t spoil the end for you. There’s more winners because the contestants were just that good). Get your jazz hands ready bright and early! The Glee Project starts at 9am.

Awkward – MTV

Another show I haven’t seen yet, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about it. I plan on catching up on the entire first season starting at 10am.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Encore

TNG, How it’s Made and LOTR in it’s entirety? In one weekend? How am I single, again?! Wait, I think I just answered that question. If you don’t love The Lord of the Rings trilogy, there’s seriously something wrong with you. I know I own all three in their extended, director’s cut versions and I may have had a LOTR marathon a few years ago with a friend and maybe we made lembas bread and secretly wanted to wear capes while we ate it, but that doesn’t mean I’m too good to watch it when it randomly comes on a movie channel. It just means I need to make sure I have all the ingredients for lembas bread before Friday. Let’s pull an all-nighter and travel to Middle Earth starting at 7pm to 430am.


Battlestar Gallactica – BBC America

Oh my gods. (that’s a show reference) I know. I’m not doing myself any favors and I’m beginning to think I would have a lot to talk about with Dwight Schrute if we ever came face to face. But come on. It’s Battlestar Gallactica. So say we all! Find out of you’re a Cylon (all along the watchtower) stating at 5am.


Mad Men – AMC

It’s going to be a while before MM is back with new episodes. To help us get our fix, AMC is giving us three episode mini marathons every Sunday from now until it comes back sometime next year. I guess that will have to do. So, fellas, slick back that hair and pour yourself some whiskey, and ladies? Put on some heels and get in the kitchen. Watch Mad Men every Sunday starting at 5am.

American Pickers – History

No show makes me appreciate junk more than this show. Start digging through piles of it at 7am!

What are you most looking forward to catching up on or watching for the first time this weekend? Are you judging me for how nerdy I am? Or do you have a recipe for lembas bread you want to share?



Molly Gentry is a lover of anything Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey related and a nap enthusiast. You can find her on Twitter and FacebookRead more posts from Molly.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Marathon round-up

  1. This is such a great roundup! If I were to spend Black Friday watching the Awkward marathon it would remind me of the year (9th grade) I spent watching the My So-Called life marathon in my parents’ bedroom while everyone else was shopping.

    But yeah, it’s a really good show – I think you’ll like it. Also, where did you land on The Walking Dead?

  2. I so want to watch The Walking Dead because I think it’s awesome. I made it through 3 eps and stopped. Slacker. Is it on Netflix or On Demand?

    Also, great round up. Sad I was stuck in Tuscaloosa watching football and tornado documentaries and didn’t get to watch ANY of these!

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