JT’s 25 Albums of Christmas No. 4

Christmas, Michael Buble

Every year, when the holidays roll around, this internal dialogue pops up:

Me: Gee, it sure would be amazing if Michael Buble recorded a Christmas album. His voice is made for the holidays.

Me: I wonder why he hasn’t recorded one? I mean, yes, he has that Let it Snow EP from years ago, but it’s just five or six songs, and I’m sure it was rushed together to capitalize on his burgeoning popularity back in the day.

Me: You’re also greedy.

Me: True. It’s a gorgeous EP, but I want a full album that he would be able to have a lot of creative control over. You know how good he would sound singing the songs of the season.

At this point you’re either nodding your head in vigorous agreement or researching good area psychiatrists for me. Either way, this year, that dialogue wasn’t necessary because The Man with the Golden Pipes has looked on our Christmas music-starved selves with great love and blessed us with an instantly classic holiday album. Christmas is everything you could want from a holiday album – a carefully curated mix of ballads, traditional carols, original music and holiday quirkiness, all wrapped up in fantastic arrangements and delivered with a voice that is all things velvet and caramel.

It’s hard to pick highlights on an album this well done, but there’s the heartmeltingly lush intro on the album opener – “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” the hushed and elegant “Silent Night” and his inventive balladic take on “All I Want for Christmas Is You” to begin. The latter just further proves that Mariah Carey’s perennial chestnut is the greatest modern Christmas song of the last three or four decades and one of the greatest Christmas songs ever written. When you can take a song and wildly change the arrangement and setting, and it can maintain its integrity and intent? That’s a truly great song.

Don’t miss the deluxe edition because you’d be missing a great a cappella rendition of Silver Bells if you did.

And wouldn’t you know? The Michael Buble Christmas Special airs on NBC tonight at 8/7c. That man is a giver.

Listen to the full album here.

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