Laura McClellan


Hometown: Nashville (actual hometown: Lanett, AL)

9-5  (day job): Public Relations

1.  Write a short bio of your favorite musician/author/actor/etc. in 100 characters or less.
Beyoncé: 8th Wonder of the World. Bootylicious. Carrying Jay-Z’s career since 2008. Carrying Blue Ivy since 2012.

2.  Which world city do you most identify with?
I haven’t been to very many world cities (yet), but I feel pretty strongly identified with Nashville at this point. I love its small-town feel and all its weird, adorable quirks. I only make fun of hipster culture because I secretly have a crush on it.

3.  Which pop culture icon is your spirit animal?
Liz Lemon. Unequivocally.

4.  If you could only listen/watch/read three albums/TV shows or movies/books for the rest of your life, what would you choose (no mixing and matching – they all have to be in the same category)?
TV Shows: Friends, 30 Rock, Doctor Who

5.  FMK: Ross, Chandler, Joey
Kill: Ross. no question.
“Have Relations With” 😉 : I’M A MARRIED WOMAN. HOW DARE YOU. But for the sake of the game…Chandler would have a much lower risk of STD’s I suppose. Sorry I just wrote “STD’s.” I feel uncomfortable.
Marry: That leaves Joey. Hey, he grew up a lot over the course of that show and I still maintain that Rachel should have chosen him.

6.  What is your favorite celebrity quote and why does it resonate with you?
“The thing about youth culture is, I don’t understand it.” – Leslie Knope. I didn’t understand teenagers even when I was a teenager.

Now, where else can we find you?
On the web at; on Twitter: @laura_mcclellan

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