Brooke Rousch (Queen Bee)


Hometown: Originally, Buna TX. Currently, Buda TX. Yes. It gets confusing.

9 to 5 (day job): Fire Extinguisher (aka Event Coordinator)

1.  Write a short bio of your favorite musician/author/actor/etc. in 100 characters or less.
Jay-Z and I are besties; he just doesn’t know it yet. He already gives me shout outs in his songs.  It’s merely a serendipitous coincidence that his wife has the same initials as me. [Based on our maiden names, of course.]

2.  What world city do you identify with?
Fourth-grade Brooke just blurted out “Paris!,” but the adult version of me knows that Lake Tahoe is probably more accurate.  I don’t really know if it qualifies as a world city, but I’m still going to throw it out there. Positioned on the state divide of California and Nevada with a stark contrast between nature and the “sin city” element, it’s kind of the mullet city of the U.S.   The dichotomy of the city is something that I totally get.

3.  Which pop culture icon is your spirit animal?
Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.  It boils down to this.  I have a spot on the couch.  I would offer for you to sit there, but it’s my spot.  I’ve actually had dreams where I’m a cross between Batman and Indiana Jones (I even have my own butler), which is way cooler.  But Sheldon does dress up as comic book characters from time to time as well.  Sidenote:  Should I be concerned that all of these are male? Or I guess that’s more of a concern for my husband….?

4.  If you could only listen/watch/read three things for the rest of your life, what would you choose (no mixing and matching – they all have to be in the same category)?
The Voice – It’s my way of cheating the system and getting music within the confines of a TV show; therefore getting two of the three options.  I get to look at Adam Levine, and listen to fun music.  Plus out of all the music competition shows, this is by far my favorite.

Firefly – It’s a spaghetti western set in space! It has action, sci-fi, comedy, romance, and Alan Tudyk…what more could a gal need?!

30 Rock – I need a strong comedy, and this one totally fits the bill.  On a regular basis, I mutter to myself, “Good god, Lemon!?”

5. FMK: Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy
Yes, they are fictional. But as a married lady, I’m way more comfortable with the non-real choices. Until I think about the ages of their movie counterparts, and then I feel a little sleazy. However, in reference to the book characters of JK Rowling’s world, I’m technically a little younger than Harry Potter….sooooo all is good in the hood.

Eff – Neville Longbottom. Not the obvious choice, but nerds need love too.

Marry – Draco Malfoy. Truthfully, up until a week ago, this would have never happened. However I came across a Harry Potter Myers-Brigg personality chart that Jen posted, which showed that Draco is an INTJ like my husband (and me). So, I’m kinda married to Draco in real life. And I’m also Draco in a sense as well. Don’t think about it too long, or it gets weird.

Kill – Harry Potter. As a fan, I understand the betrayal in this. Now that Voldemort’s gone, no one would ever suspect the mousy, suburban wife. Diabolical.

6. What is your favorite celebrity quote and why does it resonate with you?
I admit that I’ve never really watched David Letterman, but I came across a quote of his a few years ago that I reaallllly like:  “Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television.”

First of all, I think it’s pretty dang funny.  But I think there’s a little nugget of honesty to it.  Some of us are just destined for  simpler purposes than others…and that’s okay.

Now, where else can we find you?
Pinterest, Facebook (and also Twitter and Blogspot, but not terribly often)

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