Poppe Up! – Friday, November 22


Every Friday, join us for Poppe Ups!, a weekly roundup of contributor views on a variety of topics. This week, we’re appreciating some of our favorite pop culture sites and podcasts.

Question: What is your pop-culture go-to?

Megan Beam:
I am notoriously only trendy by accident. These are my only real go-tos:
The Berry
The PopCast
The Nerdist

Haley Bragg:
PrintEntertainment Weekly. I read every issue, even (and often) weeks after they arrive on my doorstep.
Web: I routinely check in with Sepinwall (HitFix), Andy Greenwald (Grantland) and the team at TV Line.
Podcasts: Grantland podcasts,The B.S. ReportHollywood Prospectus (THE BEST) and Right Reasons (One word: JACOBY); The Nerdist

Jen Clapp:
There are so many! Grantland is probably my oldest love, but I am currently obsessed with Head Over Feels. I went to college with one of the writers, and found the site through Doctor Who channels. I don’t watch all of the shows that HOF covers, or even understand all of the pop culture references, but I literally LOL at their tweets and posts and look forward to hearing what they have to say.

Molly Gentry:
I love me some Vulture.com and EW.com. They’re my go-tos.

Landry Harlan:
AV Club for everything!

Elizabeth Hyndman:
The PopCast!

Brooke Keeler:

JT Landry:
avclub.com, vulture.com, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast

Laura McClellan:
Websites – EW.com, Pop Culture Brain; Podcasts – Nerdist, Popcast

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