My Very Own HanksGiving

mixtapeMaking mixed CD’s for my 5+ hour drive back home has become somewhat of a Thanksgiving tradition.

[Yes, I know that I could easily put a playlist on my iPod/phone/etc, but I still prefer to make an actual CD.  For many years after CD’s appeared, I was still the kid making mixed TAPES (yes, cassette tapes)…so I’ll be a little slow to give up my CD’s.]

This year I’m actually hosting Thanksgiving (for the first time ever!) in my new home.  Even though I won’t be traveling, I decided to make a mix for my Thursday cooking adventure.

You can find my 2013 Thanksgiving playlist, My Very Own HanksGiving, on Spotify:
(If you check it out you’ll notice a lot of Cage the Elephant and J Roddy Walston & The Business, because I’ll be going to their concerts in December!  I’ll have to post reviews of their live performances.)

This playlist has a jock-jam quality to it; I’m mainly trying to amp myself up for the culinary task at hand.  Hopefully I won’t burn down our new house while cooking and dancing around.  It’s a legitimate concern seeing as how I’ve already singed a pot holder on our gas stove.  I would love for this Thanksgiving to turn out like a Martha Stewart masterpiece, but (let’s be honest) this will probably be more like the New Girl “Hanks Giving” episode.  As long as our turkey stays out of the dryer, I will consider it a success!

Side notes from the playlist:

1.  If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought “Take the Kids Off Broadway” by Foxygen was actually a Rolling Stones song.

2.  Ariana Grande had a moment on the AMAs performing “Tattooed Heart”…even Lady Gaga noticed.

3.  Towards the end of “Heavy Bells” by J Roddy Walston & The Business, there are some Led Zeppelin-inspired guitar riffs.

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