Poppe Up! – Friday, November 29


Like it or not, Black Friday exists. What is your typical Black Friday routine?

Megan Beam: AVOID HUMAN CONTACT AT ALL COSTS. I don’t need/want anything badly enough to leave the house on BlackFriday.

Haley Bragg: Be as far away from mall traffic (of the car and human variety) as possible. If that means that I sit at home and marathon My So Called Life à la Thanksgiving 1996, then so be it.

Jen Clapp: Well, first I wake up around 7:30 or 8:00 and grab coffee. Then I pull out my computer and buy any remaining Christmas gifts online (thanks, Amazon Prime!). Then I continue fulfilling my vow not to leave the house until at least mid-evening. It helps that I’m a committed introvert.

Molly Gentry: Sometimes I do go shopping really early because, as much as I hate to admit it, it can be really fun. But this year I’ll be celebrating black Friday by treating it like any other Friday and going to work. and I’m ok with that because the office will be super quiet and I can watch YouTube videos all day WHILE GETTING SO MUCH WORK DONE.

Elizabeth Hyndman: Shopping–I don’t really go for the crazy deals, but I have a bit of a FOMO. If everyone else is there, I want to be there, too. The people-watching is always amazing. Then, my family always puts up the Christmas decorations and goes to a movie.

J.T. Landry: I don’t necessarily have a set routine that’s beholden to any particular timestamp; but there are usually four components that color the day for me: shopping, leftovers, the movies and the annual Black Friday LSU-Arkansas matchup (Geaux Tigers!), which will sadly see the back end of the shutters this year, since next year’s schedule brings that tradition to a screeching halt.

Laura McClellan: Sleep off all the tryptophan from the day before. Avoid shopping. Crowds give me enough anxiety as it is.

Brooke Rousch: I have a strong aversion to pushy crowds, so here’s my game plan: Sleep as late as possible and watch the news to see what crazy Black Friday incidents occurred.

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