Poppe Up! – Friday, December 6


‘Tis the season!

What is your Christmas decorating style – modern, traditional? Classy, tacky? Clear lights, colorful lights?

Haley Bragg: The lights, the lights, THE LIGHTS. I like lights, okay? As I sit in my living room, I’m looking at 5 places with twinkle lights. My current style is mostly informed by what I have in my garage at the moment. That means, lots of burlap, wreathes and of course, lights. I  keep the front of the house simple with just a few wreathes, some greenery and red bows. The sparkle is reserved for indoors. 🙂

photo 1

Jen Clapp: I’m probably somewhere between traditional and modern. When I moved into my townhouse a few years ago, I realized that as a single lady living the dream,I was probably in the last years I’d be able to get by with a white tree – so I bought one. For the past six Christmases I’ve had a white tree with white lights and decorations that would charm a twelve year old girl. That’s been on one side of the room. On the other side are all of my family hand-me-down decora tions, which I love, and the kitchen is full of similarly-obtained serving pieces. Alas…thanks to outdoor storage and hot summer temps, my white tree is no longer (white, anyway; it’s a gross beige) and I’m moving on to a green tree. But I’m adding colored lights and sticking with my preteen dream ornaments, so there.

My tree through 2012, basically.

Jen’s tree through 2012, basically.

Laura McClellan: Pretty traditional. I’m a white-light kind of girl. But no themed christmas tree. Ours is a hodge-podge of ornaments–most of them with memories attached. This year is the first year (of 4 Christmases) my husband and I are going to get a real tree because he didn’t want to move our artificial one to our new house and I am PUMPED. (My family is Canadian and therefore doesn’t believe in artificial trees.)

Brooke Rousch: Hmmm…viewing it through a lens of honesty, my style is Minimalist Hodgepodge with a touch of procrastination.  My husband and I mainly have decorations that we’ve inherited, and this is the first year that we’ve attempted to decorate.  Our major purchase (and compromise) was a flocked and [clear] lighted artificial Christmas tree.  Ryan’s heart was broken, because he’s always had a real Christmas tree (which doesn’t jive well with my allergies).  I had my mind set on an all white Christmas tree, because I believe in embracing the artificial element of a fake tree.  Needless to say the flocked tree, mildly appeases us both.  There’s currently a very impassioned discussion about whether or not the tree should include ribbon, tinsel, etc.  It will be a miracle if the tree is actually decorated before Christmas day.

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