Introducing the Thursday Next Book Club!

Update: Discussion has begun on Jane Eyre! Visit to join in!


It’s 2014, and in an effort to help with those resolutions, we’re hosting a book club! Structured around Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, we’ll read both his series and works referenced in (or with the same themes as) the Thursday Next books. The idea is simple: Read one book per month and discuss it on a dedicated discussion board.


I prefer Toby Stephens as Rochester, but Fassbender wasn’t so bad.

Our first book is the classic Jane Eyre – available for free on most eReader download sites. (You can find the Kindle version on and with a valid and subscribing library card, on; if you’re in Nashville, here’s your link.) Unless you want to get started early, we’ll kick off the discussion of Jane Eyre on Wednesday, January 15.

Happy reading!

Some general rules for the discussion board:

  • Feel free to post thoughts and questions as you reach them, but please identify the chapter number at the beginning of your comment to help avoid spoilers.
  • Culture Poppe will make the discussion forums available for posting on the first of each month, but won’t begin posting until the 15th; however, please feel free to begin posting at any time. Discussion will last through the end of the month and a wrap up post will come to
  • Note: Unless requested specifically by the poster, all content is available to repost on

And if you can’t join us every month, we’re posting our full 2014 schedule below – Poppe by when you can!

January: Jane Eyre

February: The Eyre Affair

UPDATE: Further hosting of the book club will be done via Join us!

March: Lost in a Good Book

April:  The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

May: The Well of Lost Plots

June: Hamlet OR The Merry Wives of Windsor

July: Something Rotten

August: First Among Sequels

September: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

October: One of Our Thursdays is Missing

November: The Little Prince

December (possibly November*): The Woman Who Died a Lot

Possibility for December*: Dark Reading Matter

*The publish date hasn’t been announced for the eighth (and rumored to be final) installment. If it occurs in 2014, we’ll take off The Little Prince and shift everything up so that all books can be included.

UPDATE: Further hosting of the book club will be done via Join us!

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Thursday Next Book Club!

    • So glad you’re joining – we’ll need you for the Thursday Next stuff ;). You know, I started it last night and realized that I hadn’t, either. I’d convinced myself that I had because I’ve seen every film version available, but even in the first four chapters there are characters I’d never heard of…

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