Poppe Up! – Friday, January 24

In honor of Sherlock and Downton Abbey finally making their return to American airwaves, Poppe Up is going British! What is your favorite British import?

Laura McClellan: My current favorite British import is Doctor Who (no one is shocked). It’s the perfect blend of intriguing, charming, funny and heartbreaking. A great story, well told. Obviously it’s one of my favorite shows. Though if I’m talking all-time favorite British entertainment, I’d have to say anything and everything Harry Potter (especially Emma Watson’s accent). Broadchurch and Sherlock are tied for a close second place in television though. Sophia Grace and Rosie could also be in this mix of favorite brits. I mean HOW adorable are they?


J.T. Landry: While I adore both Downton and Sherlock, one of my very favorite British imports is Emma Thompson, back on American shores this year in Saving Mr. Banks. I’ve been a huge fan since the early 1990s, and since she’s been a hoot on the awards circuit this year, it feels like a good time for a true appreciation. This woman is hilarious giving out an award, but she is so much more than that. If you’re lacking Thompson in your life, check her out in her Oscar-winning role in 1992’s Howard’s End, 1993’s The Remains of the Day, and Sense and Sensibility (for which she won the 1995 Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay and starred as sensible sister Elinor Dashwood). And of course, she’s one of the very best things about Love Actually – the Joni Mitchell scene, you know the one.

Our Queen

Haley Bragg: I’m as much of a fan of Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude Law as the next girl – and I certainly am thankful that Harry Potter exists in this world. But I’m most thankful for BBC America, solely because of The Graham Norton Show. As much as I love Jimmy Fallon and can’t wait for him to take over The Tonight Show, Graham Norton somehow gets away with treating celebrities (even Robert De Niro!) like they’re the same sort of normal as we are. And the result is a panel of celebrities that are more laid back and relaxed than you’d ever see on an American talk show! Plus, he’s just really funny. If you’ve never seen it, you should try it out with the episode from last season with Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig and Chris O’Dowd. You wouldn’t believe what happens if I told you.

Sadly, no gif without spoilers.

Landry Harlan: It must be good if the US is copying it right? Strangely enough, the US version of this show will star the same lead actor as well! Doctor Who fans, prepare to see a whole other side to David Tenant. My current favorite British import is the 2013 Whodunit, Broadchurch. This crime drama is set in a remote coastal town where everybody knows everybody, so when a dead boy is found on the beach, everyone is under suspect. Tenant plays a grizzled cop with a mysterious past who partners with a local detective (a remarkable Olivia Coleman) to investigate. What separates this mystery from others is the unique setting filled with rich characters that slowly show their darker sides as the series progresses. The ending is shocking and well worth the binge-watching of all eight episodes. Holding out hope that the US version, “Gracepoint”, will be a worthy successor.

Not the Doctor anymore

Jennifer Clapp: So, there’s this whole thing with Idris Elba that we’ll get to explore later, but as much as I love British television, British literature (even if I did skip the two Brit Lit classes in college FOR REASONS (sorry, Samford)) and British candy, I am ENRAPTURED by BritPop. Kylie, Will and Gareth, Robbie Williams, you name them, I love them. Then there’s also Elbow, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay (yes I still like Coldplay. Deal with it.). And then of course the Rolling Stones, The Who, the effing Beatles, ELO. The Clash. Oh, gosh, guys, PETER GABRIEL! Phil Collins. I have to go, Spotify needs me.

This episode is better than you think.

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